Prime Therapeutics - Future of Specialty Pharmacy

Prime Therapeutics provides pharmacy benefits for 13 BlueCross and Blueshield groups across the U.S.

Prime’s current offerings for delivering Specialty medicines and adherence support are entirely phone-based today - not ideal for managing the wild costs, emotions, and prescriptions of living with a specialty condition. This work clarified the possibility in providing truly integrated, supportive Specialty care for its members, and provided a couple key things to the Prime Digital team:

1: videos to paint the picture of the offering, so they can gain funding and support internally, and

2: wireframes and a feature roadmap that maps out the effort so it is high-value for some of their most vulnerable members, and sustainable for Prime.

This work touches on the breadth of considerations that come with providing a specialty program online - some are listed here:

  • The online process to order a specialty script and have it delivered to your door (which can get hairy with specialty medicines)

  • Member onboarding and “unboxing” of your first drug delivery (aka the welcome kit)

  • Supporting members in Specialty Medicine program adherence (looking at you, $10,000 Hepatitis C pill that stops working if you miss a dose!)

  • Non-invasive, digital, and relatively painless Care Assessments for Members

  • Scheduling of care management sessions with care team


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Onboarding - Tour of Member Home

Rx Adherence Tracking

Large Screen - Adherence Tracking & Communication with Care Team

Plan Costs & Utilization

This was my first time developing a video narrative to sell the concepts. Glad Jake was there to make the story pop - I mean, he killed it on the video, amirite?

 My Responsibilities:
Project Leadership
Client Communication
Creative Direction
Scenario Definition
Workshop Planning (3 Total), Participation, Report Out on Themes
Conceptual Design, IA, and Detailed Design (wireframes)
Feature Prioritization & Product Roadmapping
UI Design for Video
Storyboarding & Content Prioritization
Location Scouting

"Acting" (see if you can spot Pat...)

Additional Team Members:
Jen Alstad: Strategy
Jake Vanderheyden: Conceptual Design, UI Design for Video, Storyboarding, Videography, Editing & Animation
Eric Freeberg: Conceptual Design Support
Matty Lund: Project Manager, Producer