Trip Tracker Mobile App

This project was just pure native app design fun. The CEO of a local dev shop had been kicking around the idea for an app that tracked all aspects of a trip for him and his family - from photos and where he took them, to restaurants they visited, scenic walks he took, and capture it all in one place to revisit or share with others along the way. Think Instagram, for trips. His development team had built a proof of concept for the technical pieces, but the UI and business strategy were loose at best.

bswing was initially tapped to “clean up the UI,” which led to us not only reframing the entire UI and functionality to focus on a few key audiences we identified, but also clarify how this app could be bent in various directions to be monetized.


My Responsibilities:
Competitive Assessment
Conceptual Design
Detailed Design
Brand Concepts

Additional Team Members:
Eric Freeberg: Strategy, Conceptual Design, Project Leadership
Jake Vanderheyden: Detailed Design, Brand Concepts