Wolters Kluwer - LE Platform

In the spring of 2015, I was part of the bswing team that was tasked with evolving WK’s complex, and largely desktop-based, LE Platform into a unified web-based toolset. A primary driver of the redesign was to make medical code management for clinics, research hospitals, and analytics teams easier and more accurate, and reduce the support role WK needs to play for maintaining client code sets.

Super powerful UI, super nerdy subject matter, and a super fun project to flesh out from start to finish.

Key Tasks Supported by The Platform:

  • create internal billing and tracking codes, or content sets, for research, trials, and newly developed procedures.

  • map codes across various medical code languages.

  • keep the mappings between code sets accurate as updates to large code sets are published regularly.

  • group and categorize codes to track quality of care, ensure accurate billing, and identify opportunities for improving hospital policy for treating patients.

  • visual exploration of code sets and relationships to make complex relationships more easily understood at a glance

Sample style guide documentation

My Responsibilities:
Audit of Existing Tools
Contextual Observation of Doctors, Clinicians, Taxonomists, and Other Users of the Legacy Tools
Scenario Writing, Sprint Planning
Workshop Framing, Participation, and Report Out on themes
Conceptual Design & IA
Detailed Functional Design and Style Documentation for WK’s Internal Dev Team
Management of Design Intern

Additional Team Members:
Eric Freeberg: Project Leadership
Jake Vanderheyden: Conceptual Design & IA
Sam Steinfield: Design Intern (Detailed Design Support)